Friends Nursery Policies

Settling In

The following schedule is recommended to help your child settle in the Nursery:

Day 1: 10am – 11am
We suggest that you stay with your child and spend an hour together in the Nursery setting to allow your child to become comfortable within the environment.

Day 2: 9am – 11:30am
You will be invited to accompany your child for two and a half hours if needed, if your child is settled and may not need you to accompany them you are free to leave your child for part of the duration and this will allow the teachers to see how well your child manages on their own.

Day 3: 8am – 12pm
By day three your child may be ready to stay by without your support for the whole morning session and be collected before lunch at 12pm. Do not be concerned if this is not the case as some children will settle quicker than others.

Day 4: 7:30am – 12:30pm
We recommend that your child stays without your support until around 12:30pm to allow them to explore all areas and participate in all activities throughout the day.

Day 5:
If you feel the child is comfortable enough in the class to stay for the full duration of the day then you may leave him or her from 7am – 2pm. It is the parent’s decision at which time to collect the child between  1:20pm and 2:00 pm. If your child will receive transportation from the Nursery the children will leave at around 1:15pm.

Toileting procedure

There is no set time to begin toilet training. Successful training is determined by the child’s development stage and signs of readiness.

Age: Children will begin showing signs of toilet training readiness at different ages. Some may be ready at 12 months of age, while others may not be ready until 3/4 years old. Most children will be developmentally ready for toilet training between 2-3 years.

Physical signs: Physical signs that a child may be ready for toilet training include knowing how to walk, having regular and predictable bowel movements, staying dry for at least two hours, remaining dry after bath-time and the ability to pull up/down their pants.

Children are encouraged to ask a member of staff if they need to use the toilet. This enables them to be independent, whilst still being closely monitored by staff. All members of staff also encourage children to flush the toilet and wash their hands even if no movement is made, this helps them understand hygiene and supports the toilet routine.

Nappies: For children who may still be in nappies, parents are required to provide sufficient disposable nappies and wipes for each day they attend Nursery.


An essential component of educative play is that children have an opportunity to enjoy art and craft activities with material such as glue, paste, paint, sand and water. It is expected that children will transfer some of these materials to their clothing. The materials provided for the children are labelled as ‘washable.’ In current practice we are aware that not everything washes off all clothing therefore we ask parents to dress children with appropriate clothing as the Nursery will not be held responsible and will accept no liability for clothing damaged while the child attends Nursery.

A spare set of clothing is to be provided by parents and will be kept in the Nursery throughout the term to be used in case of emergencies. Provision of a spare pair of light shoes is also highly recommended.

Health and Safety

An essential part of the service we provide is to ensure that the highest standards of health, safety, and hygiene are maintained at all times. Friends Nursery takes health and safety very seriously and a record is monitored via pro-active measures. Friends Nursery management team undertakes risk assessments, makes regular inspections and ensures all staff members are updated with First Aid Training and refresher courses. Friends Nursery management will also review the Nursery policies and procedures regularly, keeping them up to date.


Emergency procedures in case of an emergency requiring off-site evacuation are posted by the classroom door. In case of an actual emergency, parents may be asked to pick up their children at an off-site location. Please talk to your child’s teacher about the designated off-site evacuation location.


Friends Nursery recognises that our work with children and their families will bring us into contact with confidential information. It is a requirement of UAE authorities to hold information about the children and families using the Nursery and the staff working at the Nursery. Any person engaged by Friends Nursery who may have access to any confidential information is bound by law to keep all such information confidential.

We aim to ensure that all parents feel confident to share information in the knowledge that it will only be used to enhance the welfare of their children. All staff, parents, students and volunteers must be aware of the confidentiality requirements of the Nursery.

Friends Nursery Procedure:

  • All confidential records and information will be kept in a locked filling cabinet that only management can access.
  • Parents are able to access their own child’s information only.
  • Staff will not discuss personal information given by parents with other members of staff except where it affects planning for the child’s needs and development.

Healthy Eating

Friends Nursery has a strong commitment to encourage healthy eating habits. Parents are requested to avoid packing sweets, chocolates, crisps and other high sugar snacks and high fat, processed foods in childrens’ snack boxes.

If parents need support with ideas for their child’s lunch box then please contact the management and we will support all parents with ideas for meals and snacks that comply with healthy eating.

Eggs and nuts MUST NOT be brought into the Nursery premises at any time due to serious allergies.


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